The Layover Traveller

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Like many, I enjoy traveling. Part of traveling involves stopovers, or layovers. Getting from point A to point B, especially on international flights, is not always straightforward. Most times, you’ll have to make at least one stop, and sometimes that stop can last hours!

One day, as I was booking my flight home to Malaysia from Boston, I realized that there was not a chance I could get back home without a long layover. Most people view layovers as a painful, boring time at the airport. I decided that I wanted to beat layovers at their own game. Instead of choosing the shortest possible layover (often at least five hours), I chose an 9-hour layover. Was I crazy? Didn’t I just want to get home? Yes, but I also viewed it as an opportunity for a free trip. Who wouldn’t want that?!

So I chose a flight that allowed me to have over half a day in Istanbul. On a different trip to Malaysia, I chose an 18-hour layover in Sri Lanka. It was a blast. From then on, I’ve been convinced that layovers are one of the best ways to get your bang for your buck when it comes to travel, give or take a few caveats.

Look out for my layover posts (tagged “Layovers”), where I share my stopover travels that will hopefully inspire you to do the same. Check out some of my layover travel tips, based on my own trial and errors.

Also read: My Layover Travel Tips