An Immigrant’s Experience with Craving and Making Food from Home

I get strong food cravings every week or so. These cravings usually culminate with me getting what I want, and most importantly, making it from scratch. Why? I don’t know…There’s some soft of self-fulfillment I get from making my own craved food, and because it’s fun and makes me feel accomplished.

I get inspiration for cravings from the numerous food blogs I follow and social media outlets I’m connected to. The trouble with living miles away from home and being on social media is that I start to crave food from home.

The trouble with craving food from home is that I can’t find a lot of critical ingredients at a typical US grocery store. So I make trips to the Asian markets and thankfully, I can find almost all of what I need at our Chinese market in our town. But sometimes I don’t, and need to supplement my trips to the Indian market, Mexican market, Vietnamese market…

Needless to say, most of the time making food from home is more than just time spent in the kitchen but problem solving and finding substitutes, which I try to keep minimal, which means I’m driving around from one market to the other to find that one thing I just need.

At the end of the day, I feel a strange satisfaction from having gone through a lot of effort in and outside the kitchen. So I think I should document it to share my experiences, and to up my level of accomplishment from making food. Whoa I made all this food and blogged about it? Yes, I am amazing.

And hence, the birth of a new blog series–An Immigrant’s Experience with Craving and Making Food from Home. Look out for the “Immigrant” tag to follow along in this series.

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